Evidence / Property Office

Vehicle Retrieval Procedures

Vehicles are impounded by the Red Wing Police Department for several reasons:


For certain alcohol and drug offenses, vehicles are subject to forfeiture. In these cases, a notice of forfeiture is presented to the owner. Usually, these vehicles are either auctioned or salvaged depending on their condition. Sometimes an agreement can be made with the County Attorney to get the vehicle back.


When a vehicle is seized as part of an investigation, it is normally released after the investigators have finished processing it. If it is considered physical evidence that is material to the case, it will not be released until the case is adjudicated. Once a vehicle is cleared for release and the owner has been notified, a $10 per day storage fee is imposed. This does not start until the owner has been notified. In most instances, the owner is required to pay all towing charges associated with the vehicle.

Procedures for Retrieving Personal Property Submitted into Evidence

Property seized as evidence is normally not releasable until the case has been adjudicated. Once the court has adjudicated the case, any contraband property and other property of no value is destroyed. Other property of value may be returned if the owner is known. In rare instances, the County Attorney may authorize the property to be photographed and returned prior to adjudication.

Procedures for Retrieving Found Property

A great deal of property is turned in to the City and County as found property. When identification is present, the owner is contacted and the property is released upon positive identification. Other property is held for a minimum of 90 days. Then, it is destroyed, used by the agency or sent to auction. To claim found property, ownership must be proven with a receipt, photograph, description, etc. Many bicycles are picked up by the police department as abandoned and are held for a minimum of 90 days and then auctioned.