Adopt a Fire Hydrant

Clearing Hydrants

With recent snowfalls and 949 fire hydrants in the city, the Red Wing Fire Department is requesting residents to adopt a fire hydrant near homes and businesses this winter by clearing snow and ice around it.

Fire Marshal Andy Speltz says, "Anyone can adopt a fire hydrant".

Snow & Ice

People who live or work near a hydrant just have to make sure snow and ice are cleared from around it. The longer snow sits around the hydrant, the harder it is to clear. 

Locating and accessing fire hydrants buried in snow delays firefighting tactics and creates an additional safety hazard for firefighters. Fire hydrants should be surrounded by a 3-foot clear space to provide adequate access.

Locate Hydrants

Please take a minute to look at the fire hydrants in your yard or neighborhood and clear snow from around them. Your efforts may be critical to you or your neighbor. If unable to clear a hydrant near your home or business, please contact Red Wing Public Works at 385-3674.