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Message from the Planning Director

Red Wing has a rich tradition of planning that dates back to 1853 with the original plat of the City of Red Wing that set aside property for the county courthouse, a school, and a church in order to provide for the institutional needs of a growing pioneer community. This is an early example of the type of forethought that Red Wing exhibited in the past and is needed today as our community faces the challenges of the future.

The Planning Department has an important role that involves providing support and direction to citizens and community leaders to guide the future development of the city. This is done by working with citizens in the creation of a comprehensive plan and through the administration of our city’s zoning, subdivision, and preservation ordinances that are intended to regulate the use of land so that it is consistent with our city’s plans.

The Community Vision for City of Red Wing is to capture the vibrancy of growth while preserving and enhancing the city's unique historic and natural environmental character. The City is intent on implementing the Comprehensive Plan that was adopted in 2007. Red Wing's Comprehensive Plan is unique because it takes the approach of first identifying and interconnecting key green systems that need to be protected, even when faced with development. The result will be an interconnected web of waterways, open space and trail corridors, parks and historical sites. Appropriate land uses are then layered over the top of these systems that are important to preserve. The plan first emphasizes community systems; then establishes settlement patterns that can be layered over these systems; and then focuses on principles of design character that will help to maintain Red Wing’s unique appearance.

The main job of the Advisory Planning Commission and the Planning Department is to work toward the vision established in the Comprehensive Plan by establishing ordinances and more detailed project plans that will make that vision a reality.

Brian C. Peterson, AICP
Planning Director

Mission Statement

The Planning Department guides the present and future development of the city in a direction that is established by the City Council and the residents of the City of Red Wing. The Planning Department provides staff support to the Planning Commission, the Heritage Preservation Commission, the Sustainability Commission and the City Council concerning the future development of the city. The primary functions of the department are to provide community analysis and information; comprehensive planning; administration of land use controls such as the zoning, subdivision and preservation ordinances and assistance with current project planning related to the development of the capital improvement program and municipal projects such as park development planning. The department provides a wealth of information about the community and welcomes citizen and business inquiries related to past trends; demographic information needs; current planning issues; comprehensive planning directions; and the application of city land use regulations.

This list of 2015 accomplishments provided in the below link captures a snapshot of the services provided by the Planning Department. Information about additional accomplishments is available by contacting the director of each department. Click here for 2015 Planning Department Accomplishments.

Planning Department Staff

Brian Peterson, AICP
Planning Director


Steve Kohn
Assistant Planner