City of Red Wing

Administrative Responsibilities


Information Services in responsible for technology needs at the Law Enforcement Center, Fire Department, Library, Incinerator, Treatment Plants, Marinas, Cemeteries, HRA, Public Works, Port Authority and City Hall.

This includes all technology related purchases, all documentation of network infrastructure, hardware inventory and configuration, computer use policies and software licensing. We plan, process and facilitate purchases of all software and hardware and process invoices for payment.  The Information Services Director prepares and implements an annual Information Services budget.  We are responsible for the archiving and backup of all city electronic data.  In the event of a data request, we undertake extensive searches through our electronic files. 

The Information Services Director serves as the Public Information Officer with the Council Administrator at nuclear exercises and drills.  This position is also the the project lead in cable franchise negoitations and handles internal and external inquiries, questions, calls and complaints on cable related services as well as all online communcication services.

This division is also responsble for the expansion of broadband for all public locations throughout the city and helps to keep City Council, Administration and all staff informed of changing technologies and connectivity.

2014 Accomplishments