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2017 Safe Routes to School Project - Pioneer Road/Twin Bluff Road intersection realignment

Pioneer-Twin Bluff Intersection

The project report was presented to and approved by City Council at their regular meeting on Monday, May 23, 2016.  The prefered intersection option has been identified as a split intersection with a roundabout at the easterly intersection and a tee intersection at the westerly intersection.   This project is anticipated to begin construction in the summer of 2017.

Watch an informational video on the facts about roundabouts 


Scope of Work

This project is studying changes at the intersection of Twin Bluff Road and Pioneer Road to improve pedestrian and multi-modal safety and mobility in the Twin Bluff Middle School area.  

Project Schedule

  • Final Design - Fall/Winter, 2016
  • Construction – Summer, 2017  

Traffic Impacts

  • Traffic impacts to be determined in the design phase of the project.    

Project Purpose

The purpose of the Pioneer Road/Twin Bluff Road intersection reconstruction project is to improve safety and mobility for all users of the intersection.   Project components being modified include:

  • Safety Improvements
  • Pedestrian Improvements
  • Utility Replacement
  • Mobility Improvements to and from Twin Bluff Middle School
  • Pavement Replacement 

Project Need

The needs for improvements to this intersection beyond pavement repair include:

  • Utilities and infrastructure are aging – some of the water and sewer utilities under the street have been temporarily patched  in the past and need to be brought up to current state standards.

  • Storm sewer is in need of replacement with proper sized pipe and intake locations.

  • Safety and mobility issues exist – many students currently use or could potentially use this intersection to walk to or bike to school.  Providing a safer crossing to the middle school will promote additional students walking/bicycling to school.

  • Improve vehicle circulation within the school site and for through traffic along Twin Bluff and Pioneer Roads 


Meeting Minutes/Notes

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