City of Red Wing

Information Services


Laura Blair, Director

Steve Hammes, PC/LAN Technician

Jeff Krueger, Network Engineer

Patrick Harris, Audio/Video Technician

Tom Hughes, Audio/Video Technician


The Information Services Division assists other city divisions and departments individually and collectively in achieving their business goals by the effective deployment of information technology products and services.  Information Services has three full-time and three part-time employees and a annual budget of approximately $700,000. This division is made up of Information Services, Telecommunications, GIS and Communications.

Information Services provides management, support and maintenance of critical project and department software application systems.  These range from large city-wide systems such as Financial Management, Payroll, laserfiche to department business systems such as Building Permitting, Utility Billing, and GIS.  Information Services implements new business software through vendor package implementation, in-house development and provides complete system life cycle services. 

The I.T. network services supports over 175 employees in 20 city facilities managing all workstations and servers.  This encompasses email, web, IP telephony, database and office productivity applications.  Included in this is support for
specialty application such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) servers for managing waste & water treatment facilities.  I.T. also manages the fiber optic network infrastructure and leased circuits that interconnect these computer systems, and provides the overall architecture and standards for network security. 

Administering and monitoring the city's wireless network infrastructure, plans and policies are part of the tasks included in the I.T. Division. This division also manages government access channel activities, video-on-demand and live streaming sites as well as the management of the city website, and the cable franchise negotiations.  

The Information Services budget consists of wages, capital expenses, software and software licensing, maintenance service agreement costs and Internet service provider fees.  This budget also contains the Telecommunications Systems cost for desktop
telephones and telephone switching equipment as well as Communication costs for Channel 6 staff, programming and web hosting.