Where and when is the city planning seal coat projects?

Seal coating is relatively new to the City of Red Wing although it has been utilized in other communities for many years. 2018 is the first year in at least 20 years that the city has used Seal Coating on our streets. Because of how new Seal Coating is to the city, we are currently evaluating the effectiveness and construction process for seal coats to determine how widely used seal coats will be in the city. At this time, we anticipate having an annual seal coat project each year for the foreseeable future depending on the results of the 2018 project.

Because Seal Coats are more effective as preventative maintenance, seal coat projects are generally scheduled prior to observable issues on the pavement surface. If the 2018 Seal Coat project is successful, the city will be developing a comprehensive Seal Coat program for future years. At this time, however, the city does not have any specific projects in development beyond 2018.

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