Where and when is the city panning

The city generally has a Mill and Overlay project of varying size and scope each year. Typically, city staff meets in the fall of each year to review pavement management data and budget information and take "field trips" to look at each candidate street. The city usually only plans these projects a year in advance, but sometimes with bigger Mill and Overlay projects the city will plan 2 years or more in the future in order to secure the needed funding to complete the projects.

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1. What is a mill and overlay?
2. When can I drive on the new pavement?
3. Can I get in and out of my driveway while they are milling or paving?
4. Why does the city do mill and overlay projects?
5. Why do some cracks show up again soon after a mill and overlay?
6. Can you mill and overlay any street?
7. How is parking affected by mill and overlay projects?
8. How are mill and overlay projects paid for, and am I assessed for them?
9. Where and when is the city panning