Submit an Application for Work in City Right of Way

 1) This form, which can be found on the Permits & Licensing page , needs to be filled out before any work begins on your project. There is no cost to submit the application.

2) Be familiar with city construction standards.

You can find these standards on the City Engineering Department website [insert link here]. You must follow these standards when constructing sidewalk on city property, even if the sidewalk you are replacing didn’t meet these standards and even if your neighbor’s sidewalk didn’t meet these standards. The City Engineering Department would be happy to answer any questions regarding these standards, and we are willing to stop out to your property to talk through your specific project with you.

3) Arrange for a form inspection at least 24 hours in advance of pouring sidewalk.

Please call the Engineering Department at 651-385-3674 to arrange an inspection. We request at least 24 hours’ notice to ensure that we can have an inspector available to do the inspection before you pour the concrete.

4) Correct any deficiencies noted by the inspector prior to pouring sidewalk.

This may require another inspection to confirm that everything is formed up correctly.

5) Pour your concrete!

If we find that sidewalk within our right of way is installed incorrectly, was installed without a submitted Application for Work in City Right of Way, or was installed without proper inspection, you will be responsible for replacing the sidewalk to the correct standards at your cost. The City reserves the right to decline future Application for Work in City Right of Way applications to property owners and/or contractors if sidewalks are installed incorrectly and have not been corrected to the satisfaction of the City.

We at the City Engineering Department want to help as much as we can to get your sidewalk replaced correctly, so please contact us at 651-385-3674 if you would like our help!

Engineering Department webpage

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