What is YourGov?

YourGov is an application that allows the Citizens of the City of Red Wing to report non-emergency issues to the city. YouGov can be used via your mobile phones (IPhones apps through iTunes or Androids apps through Google Market and the Amazon App Store) or the web.

Issues can be summited using both the mobile and web application. Your issues can be tracked from beginning to end using the web application. Issues are brought directly into the City’s Work Management Software and forwarded on to the responsible department.

If you need immediate Police or Fire response, please call 911. YourGov is intended for the reporting of non-emergency issues only.

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1. What is YourGov?
2. How does YourGov work?
3. Can I submit an issue from my cell phone?
4. How does YourGov work on the web?
5. How do I track my submitted issues?