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Dec 16

December 9, 2019 - Parking & Storing

Posted on December 16, 2019 at 1:52 PM by Kate Berg

December 9, 2019

Ask the Chief

Q: What are the ordinances governing the parking of vehicles, boats, ATVs, etc., (operational or not)? I am seeing many parked in yards, covered or uncovered, some working, others not registered, etc.

Image of a boat on a trailer in a yard next to a white house.

A: Thank you for your question, I highly encourage anyone with questions about possible illegal parking to contact us at the Administrative phone number – 651-267-2600 or non-emergency number 651-385-3155, so we can have our Community Service Officer or a Patrol Officer check the potential violation.

City of Red Wing Chapter 10, Section 10.21 Junk Property.
A motor vehicle will be considered junk property if it is: Any motor vehicle that is partially dismantled; Any motor vehicle that is a source of repair or replacement parts for other vehicles; Any motor vehicle that lacks vital component parts; and Any motor vehicle that is not currently registered and properly licensed for operation.

City of Red Wing Code Chapter 11, Zoning, Division 55.060 Accessory Parking and storage: In all districts, all personal property shall be stored within a building or fully screened so as not to be visible from adjoining properties and public streets, except for agricultural, construction, and landscaping materials and equipment currently (within a period of 12 months) being used on the premises. No person shall park or store any motor vehicle, vehicular driven sports vehicle,
boat, boat trailer, utility trailer, vehicular drawn camper, or any like business or recreational vehicle in the front yard (or corner side yard unless there is at least a six foot fence) of any residential district, except upon the customary driveway placed to provide access to a garage attached or adjacent to the principal building, carport, or a rear parking area. Any of these vehicles parked within the front yard, on a driveway, shall be parked in such a manner as to maintain all wheels and trailer tongues on the driveway surface.

Off-Street parking is under Red Wing City Code, Chapter 11, Zoning, Division 60-030 covers residential off-street parking. In single-family residential areas parking must be set back three feet from the property boundary, in the front yard or street side of the residence on an established driveway. You may have one additional space outside of the driveway as long as the following requirement is met: space must be improved with all-weather surface; the area cannot cover more than 25% of the front yard; access to the space is from the driveway and not an additional curb cut; and the space is landscaped along the side away from the established driveway with a minimum of five shrubs meeting the requirements of Division 62, Buffer Yards, Screening, Landscaping Regulations References and Resources.


1. Red Wing City Code, Division 60 – Off Street Parking and Loading, Section 60-030, paragraph D, Residential Areas. Located online at: http://lf.ci.red-wing.mn.us/weblink/0/doc/121407/Page1.aspx

2. Red Wing City Code, Chapter 10, Public Protection, Crimes, Offenses, Section 10.21 Junk Items stored on Public or Private Property. Located online at: http://lf.ci.red-wing.mn.us/weblink/0/doc/159293/Page1.aspx

3. Red Wing City Code, Division 55 – Special Provisions, Section 55-060, Accessory parking and Storage. Located online at: http://lf.ci.red-wing.mn.us/weblink/0/doc/121405/Page1.aspx

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