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Sep 16

September 9, 2019 - White Road Lines

Posted on September 16, 2019 at 9:52 AM by Kate Berg

September 9, 2019

Ask the Chief

Q: Along Pioneer Road from the middle school to the county building, there is a white line on each side of the road. Where there is no curb and gutter, a white line usually indicates the separation of the road from the shoulder and is not a turning lane or parking space. Where there IS a curb and gutter, most streets use this area for parking. In this case, there is a curb and gutter….but no parking? Turning lanes would be extremely helpful in this area but the wasted lane doesn’t seem to be marked for turning lanes either. What’s with that?

Image of a road with the words, "Turn Lanes; White Lines; Curb and Gutter; Parking: Bike Lanes

A: I believe what you are asking is, “What is the purpose of the white lines along each side of the road on Pioneer Lane?" The white line primarily designates the “through” lane of traffic, and may also be known as “fog lines," which in times of reduced visibility help drivers identify the right edge of their lane of traffic. Drivers are discouraged from crossing solid white lines, except to avoid an incident, or, in this area, when necessary to make a right-hand turn or legally park.

This portion of Pioneer Road is County State Aid Highway 66 and the white lines are there to aid in traffic calming (drivers tend to speed up in wider lanes), identify parking areas along the curb (unless indicated by NO PARKING signs, such as near the tennis courts), and also may be used as a bike lane. The white lines may also indicate turn lanes, in checking with the County Engineer, dashed white lines may be added in the future to aid in identifying the start of the turn lane along Pioneer Road/CSAH 66.

This is also a great opportunity to remind drivers that a double white line may also be used to separate traffic lanes, and drivers are PROHIBITED from crossing double white lines. In Red Wing, the double white line is used to separate the through lane of traffic from the right turning lane on Bench Street, south from Highway 61.

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