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Aug 27

August 26, 2019 - Left Lane Law

Posted on August 27, 2019 at 10:31 AM by Kate Berg

August 26, 2019

Ask the Chief

Q: Does the new move over law mean that if you’re driving in the left lane going the speed limit and someone appears to want to pass, you must move over to the right lane? 

Image of vehicles on a roadway with the words "Slow pokes; Left Lane; The new law does not allow

A: The new law does not allow a driver to exceed the speed limit; if you are traveling under the posted speed limit, move to the right when safe to do so. The posted speed limit is the law and the maximum speed you should be driving.

Effective Aug. 1, 2019, Minnesota Statute 169.18, Driving Rules, Subdivision 10 states: Slower Vehicles.
(a) Upon a roadway with one lane in the direction of travel, a person proceeding at a speed that is sufficiently low as to create a traffic hazard must operate the vehicle as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway,
(b) Upon a roadway with more than one lane in the same direction of travel, a person must move out of the left-most lane to allow another vehicle to pass, when practicable under existing conditions. A left-most lane under this paragraph is the lane adjacent to one designated and posted for a specific type of traffic, including as provided under section 160.93. This paragraph does not apply when:
(1) overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction;
(2) preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway;
(3) preparing to exit a controlled-access highway on the left side of the road; 
(4) the lane is designated and posted for a specific type of traffic; or
(5) the vehicle is an authorized emergency vehicle.

To summarize, the modernized law requires drivers in the left lane to move to the right, when practicable, to allow vehicles to pass. If you need to pass someone, do so in the left lane — but then get back in the right lane as soon as you’re clear. Example: If you are driving in the left lane of Hwy 61 through Red Wing and no one is in the right lane near you, you may be ticketed if you do not meet the requirements of (1 – 5) of subdivision 10.  Move right!

Minnesota drivers moving too slowly in the left lane could be ticketed under a new law that bars “slowpokes” from unsafely preventing faster drivers from passing 

The law says that drivers blocking faster traffic to the point of causing traffic hazard on freeways and state highways with more than one lane in each direction must move to the right lane when practicable or risk being pulled over and ticketed. 


Minnesota Session Law 2019, 1st Special Session, Chapter 3, House File #3, Article 3, Section 39, which changes Minnesota Statute 169.18, effective August 1, 2019. Located online at www.revisor.mn.gov

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