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Aug 12

August 12, 2019 - Intersection Obstruction

Posted on August 12, 2019 at 9:48 AM by Kate Berg

August 12, 2019

Ask the Chief

Q: I have two neighbors who don't trim their trees and they block my view of the intersection that I am trying to enter. What is the law about tree trimming on private property?

Photo of an intersection with a shrub obscuring part of the road, words "Intersection Obstruction

A: The City of Red Wing does have an ordinance Section 10.13. TREE AND SHRUB CARE that addresses your question about obstruction of view at an intersection. The ordinance reads as follows:


Subd. 1. Care of Street Trees. The City of Red Wing shall have the right to plant, prune, maintain, and remove trees, plants, and shrubs within the lines of all streets, alleys, avenues, lanes, squares, and public grounds as may be necessary to insure the public safety or to preserve or enhance the symmetry and beauty of such public grounds.

Subd. 2. Removal of Trees Endangering Utilities or Other Public Improvements. The City may remove or cause or order to be removed any tree, shrub or plant or part thereof which is in an unsafe condition or which by reason of its nature is injurious to sewers, electrical power lines, gas lines, water lines, communication lines, sidewalks, curbing, or other public improvements and appurtenances.

Every tree or shrub overhanging any street or right-of-way within the City shall be pruned so that the branches shall not obstruct the light from any street lamp or obstruct the view of any street intersection, and so that there shall be a clear space of at least 14 feet above the street or sidewalk. Trees and bushes should also not interfere with traffic signs such as speed limit and other regulation signage.

You can read the City Ordinance here.

I want to encourage you to contact the Public Works Department at 651-385-3674 to report trees that obstruct your view of any street intersection or traffic signs.


1. City of Red Wing codes/ordinance www.red-wing.org/227/City-Code-Ordinances

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