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Jan 28

January 28, 2019 - Electric Vehicle Parking

Posted on January 28, 2019 at 1:45 PM by Kate Berg

January 28, 2019

Ask the Chief

Q: I noticed the electric vehicle charging stations in the “mural” parking lot; can you clarify the parking restrictions that apply to this space?

Three images of Red Wing's Electric Vehicle charging parking spots with the words "Electric Ve

Thank you for this question.  The parking spaces you are referring to are located in the parking lot off of Third Street, across from Liberty’s Restaurant and directly behind Duluth Trading. There are two parking spaces that are clearly marked with signs stating “Charging Station, Electric Vehicle Parking Only."  The restrictions placed on the charging station parking spaces are: 

- Electric Vehicle only while charging.
- 3 Hour maximum time limit. (This is the same time restriction for all vehicles in this lot.)
- $50 fine for violators.
- Vehicles in violation may be towed/impounded.

These restrictions are enforceable through City of Red Wing Code, Chapter 9, Section 9.10 which states,
“It is unlawful to park any vehicle contrary to the restrictions or limitations marked or sign-posted therein.” Also, Section 9.17 allows police officers to impound and provide for removal of an “unlawfully parked vehicle.”

Due to limited charging stations in our community, we wish to ensure that the charging station is properly utilized and available if needed. Once the weather improves, we are working with Public Works to get the charging station parking spaces' curb painted green, with green diagonal lines through the spaces to help identify this “green energy” location.

If you notice a parking violation or have any questions or comments regarding the electric vehicle charging station parking spaces, please feel free to contact us at the non-emergency police number 651-385-3155.


1. City of Red Wing Code, Chapter 9, Parking Regulations. Located online at http://lf.ci.red-wing.mn.us/WebLink/0/doc/60052/Page1.aspx

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