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“Ask The Chief” is a weekly post allowing readers access to useful information about law enforcement issues in the city of Red Wing. This communication tool has been developed to enhance our community policing efforts by providing residents and visitors with the opportunity to ask questions about local laws, programs, and the Department in general.

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Nov 20

November 19, 2018 - Community Policing

Posted on November 20, 2018 at 2:29 PM by Kate Berg

November 19, 2018

Ask the Chief

Q: I am new to town, and my neighbor told me our street has a designated police officer assigned to it. Is that true?

Image of a stylized map over the words, "Community Policing; 10 Service Areas" and the Red Win

A: Yes and no; let me explain. Sergeants are assigned two of the reporting areas, for managing and supervising our community policing efforts in those assigned areas. One to three officers are assigned to one of the ten reporting areas, based on the number of calls for service a reporting area may be experiencing. Our Community Policing emphasis is for the purpose of building partnerships and collaborations, foot patrol, presentations, and monitoring calls for service to achieve our goals of reducing crime in our community (problem-oriented policing).

The ten reporting areas are:
1. Cannon bottoms
2. Downtown
3. East End
4. High School
5. Lower Burnside
6. Prairie Island
7. South Red Wing
8. Southeast Red Wing
9. Upper Burnside
10. West

More on our Community Policing program can be found online at https://www.red-wing.org/216/Community-Policing. This site has a PDF map of the ten reporting areas, allowing you to identify your location, and shows the assigned sergeants and officers for your area. Remember, if you have an emergency, always call 911.  If you have a non-emergency or have any questions, please call the non-emergency number at 651-385-3155.


1. Red Wing Police Department community policing program. Located online at https://www.red-wing.org/216/Community-Policing

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