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Nov 17

November 3, 2020 - Parking & Storing Travel Trailers

Posted on November 17, 2020 at 2:09 PM by Kate Berg

November 2, 2020
Ask the Chief

Q: Can travel trailers be parked/stored on private property or next to our property on a City Lot?

Image of a boat on a trailer in front of a home with black letters "Parking & Storing" and RWP

A: Thank you for your question, Travel trailers fall under the definition for Recreational Vehicles, City Code Section 9.06 defines the term "recreational camping vehicle” means any of the following:

1. “Travel Trailer” a vehicular, portable structure built on a chassis, designed to be used as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreational, and vacation uses, permanently identified "Travel Trailer" by the manufacturer of the trailer.

2. “Truck Camper" a structure designed to be mounted on a truck chassis for use as a temporary dwelling for travel, recreation and vacation.

3. "Motor Home" a portable, temporary building to be used for travel, recreation, and vacation, constructed as an integral part of a self-propelled vehicle.

4. “Camping Trailer" a folding structure, mounted on wheels and designed for travel, recreation, and vacation uses.

Division 55 of the City of Red Wing Zoning Code states "No person shall park or store any recreational vehicle in the front yard (or corner side yard unless there is at least a six foot fence) of any residential district, except upon the customary driveway emplaced to provide access to a garage attached or adjacent to the principal building, carport, or a rear parking area. Recreational vehicles parked within the front yard, on a driveway, shall be parked in such a manner as to maintain all wheels and trailer tongues on the driveway surface." (Make sure not to block the sidewalk).

Recreational vehicles may be parked or stored in the side or rear yard of a residential or agricultural district provided the following conditions are met:

1) No more than one recreational vehicle may be parked or stored outside in the side or rear yard. Additional recreational vehicles may be kept within an enclosed structure which otherwise conforms to the zoning requirements of the district.

2) Recreational vehicles must be maintained in a clean, well-kept, operable condition.

3) Recreational vehicles shall be mobile and shall not be permanently affixed in the ground in a manner that would prevent removal.

4) Recreational vehicles may be permitted in the side or rear yard if parked or stored at least two feet distance from any property line. The parking or storage of recreational vehicles on the rear or side yard, as permitted herein, may be on surfaced or unsurfaced areas.

5) Recreational vehicles may be stored on a lot without regard to the location on the lot for the sole and express purpose of loading and unloading for a period not to exceed 24 hours.

6) Unmounted slide-in pickup campers must be stored no higher than 20 inches above the ground and must be securely supported on at least four (4) corners by solid support blocks or support mechanisms.

7) Recreational vehicles may not be occupied or used for living, sleeping, or housekeeping purposes, for more than seven consecutive days at a time and for no more than fourteen days during a calendar year. These time limitations apply to individual properties and to individual recreational vehicles, regardless of their location within a residential or agricultural district when used for living, sleeping, or housekeeping purposes.

8) Except for routine maintenance or during emergency conditions when power supply is disrupted, the operation of a recreational vehicle power generator plant shall not be permitted in residential districts. Routine maintenance periods shall not exceed 60 minutes per month.

If you witness a violation of the zoning ordinance, please call the Red Wing Police Department Community Service Officer Matison Schoeder at 651-267-2609 or Community Development at 651-385-3623.

1. City of Red Wing City Code, Chapter 11, Zoning Code, Division 55 Special Provisions, located on-line at www.red-wing.org, search City Code.

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