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Apr 06

April 6, 2020 - License Renewal During Stay At Home Order

Posted on April 6, 2020 at 11:10 AM by Kate Berg

April 6, 2020

Ask the Chief

Q: My driver’s license is going to expire in April, and I am concern that the DMV location to renew my license will not be open; will I be arrested for driving without a current license?

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A: Thank you for your question.  As you are aware, the primary responsibility for renewing a Driver’s License belongs to the holder of the license – you. Presently, we expect license centers and Drivers and Vehicle Services (DVS) to open on April 14 after the initial stay at home order expires (HOWEVER, the stay at home order could be extended if the Governor and his staff determine it is important to the safety of Minnesotans).

In anticipation of difficulties during a peacetime emergency, the legislature passed a law allowing for extension of driver’s license through the peacetime emergency. In a letter dated April 3, 2020, from the Department of Public Safety-Driver and Vehicle Services, law enforcement agencies were notified that Driver’s License/Permits and Identification cards, along with Disability Certificates, are automatically extended through the emergency. Once the emergency is over, it will be the holder’s responsibility to renew their license/permit/certificate.

The letter also stated that since vehicle registrations can be renewed online or through the mail, this emergency extension DOES NOT APPLY to vehicle registration renewals. Make sure to have your vehicles renewed PRIOR to the final day of the expiring month.

Stay safe, remember to practice social distancing, and stay healthy.

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2. Department of Public Safety-Driver and Vehicle Services, online services website, located online at: https://dps.mn.gov/dividsions/dvs/online-self-services

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