Who Names the Bridge?

Actually, the state of Minnesota names the bridge from the Minnesota side. The state of Wisconsin names it from the Wisconsin side. The name can be the same or it can be different among the two states. 

We welcome people on both sides of the river to participate in Red Wing's outreach to gather name ideas. (Red Wing is a second home to lots of Wisconsin folks and we welcome everyone's input.) We've put together a process for the community to give the state a recommendation from the community. Read more about that process here

For Minnesota, our local state legislators will ultimately recommend a bridge name to the MN legislature during its 2019 session. Since people around this area wanted to have a voice in that name, we've created a process to come up with a local recommendation to give our legislators.

A small committee of community members will act as an objective group that will do the following: weigh all name ideas from people in the larger community, narrow down options, listen again to how community members rank options, and make a final name recommendation to City Council. Council will then vote on the final name recommendation to bring to our legislators. (People are also welcome to contact the state directly if they wish.)