Timeline for Bridge-Name Recommendation Process

August: Form a bridge name recommendation committee

  • 6 members of the public from the wider Red Wing area
  • 1-2 representative of the Prairie Island Indian Community
  • 2 local legislators representing Red Wing (Barb Haley and Mike Goggin)
  • Up to 2 Council members and/or Mayor as non-voting members, if they choose to participate

Committee will be named during the week of August 21st. 

Committee members must be objective and have no preference for a particular bridge name, or be affiliated with a group that is putting forth a particular bridge name.

September: Conduct public outreach 

City staff will reach out to the Red Wing and Prairie Island area to ask for bridge name ideas via various methods of traditional and social media. The bridge naming will not be a contest but rather a request for names. We will ask for public opinions throughout the area and collaborate with Wisconsin representatives to get the word out in Wisconsin.

Early October: Committee reviews names offered by the community and narrows down options

The bridge-name recommendation committee will review all names brought forward. Committee meetings will be open to the public and publicized as such. Community members can attend and do very brief presentations on their preferred name, if they wish, but it is not necessary. From the community’s list of bridge names, the committee will narrow the choices to four or five names to send back to the public for their feedback.

Mid-Late October: Public weighs in on short list of name options

Staff will reach out to people in the following ways to get the community’s input on rating the top four to five names from the community:

  • Conduct an online survey
  • Have items in the Republican Eagle
  • Work with Prairie Island to find best ways to communicate to residents at PIIC
  • Include bridge names in a utility bill mailing that reaches all households
  • Make survey information available on City Beat, Facebook, Channel 6 & City website
  • Partner with organizations to put the information in their newsletters

November: Committee reviews community feedback to reach their top recommendations

The bridge-name recommendation committee will review feedback from the public and come to a consensus among committee members on what their top recommendation is. That top recommendation, with additional options, will go to City Council members.

December: Committee recommends name to City Council and Council members vote on a name to recommend to our state legislators

After City Council votes on their choice, this name recommendation goes on to our state legislators. It’s crucial to remember that the Council is not voting to name the bridge. The Council is voting on a name to recommend to our legislators. Those legislators have the option to change the bridge recommendation if they wish. Ultimately, it is the state that makes the final naming decision, and the state can choose a name that’s recommended by the community – or a totally different name. The vote from City Council is a local recommendation but not the final vote

January through May 2019: MN legislators recommend name to the state during their 2019 session

During the 2019 legislative session, the state will decide the name of the bridge. Although our local community input process is important, it is not required, nor does the state have to take our recommendation. *NOTE: Members of the public are welcome to contact the state at any time with names on their own behalf, as well as sharing their ideas with this local name-recommendation process.

 *Our residents, committee, and Council only provide a name recommendation; the state makes the final decision.