Budget planning 2019

Scroll down for all the details and background documents regarding the City Council's budget decision for 2019.

Public Hearing: December 3, 2018

Final Presentation with Charts and Numbers for Council's 2019 Budget Discussion [PDF] 

Truth in Taxation Meeting: December 3, 2018

Meeting Agenda (including all necessary links) [PDF]

November 2018 Budget Workshop    

The year 2019 has proven to be an unusual year to plan the City's annual budget. Two unexpected things happened. First, the aggregate market valuations of residential properties increased considerably. You may have noticed this when you received your mailed Valuation Notice from Goodhue County earlier this year. Second, the aggregate market valuation of utilities decreased significantly--this includes Red Wing's largest tax-base entity, Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Station. In addition, the aggregate market value of commercial/industrial properties is estimated to increase 3.45%. Council members and staff have been weighing all this to to keep City services at the high level people expect, yet not place a heavy financial burden on residents. Major cuts need to be made to the City budget. City staff and Council have been analyzing every expenditure and finding possible solutions. Additional cuts may come from delaying capital projects and dipping into the fund balance. The November 19, 2018 Budget Workshop will discuss all of this. See the links below for information. Members of the public are welcome to share their thoughts with Council members. Those who attend the Budget Workshop will be able to speak for up to three minutes.  Contact City Council and the Mayor via email. 

MEETING AGENDA (including all necessary links) [PDF]

Budget Memo - Summary and Updates of Budget Process [PDF]

General Fund Discussion:

2019 Proposed City Budget by Fund Type - Part 1 [PDF]

2019 Proposed City Budget by Fund Type - Part 2 [PDF]

Levy Impact Discussion:

Property Tax Options & Affects on Properties: CITY PORTION OF PROPERTY TAXES ONLY [PDF] 
(PINGP in this document stands for Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plan)

Property Tax Options & Affects on Properties: TAXES TO ALL JURISDICTIONS [PDF]
(PINGP in this document stands for Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plan)

Capital Improvement Plan Discussion:

Capital Improvement Plan Summary 2019 - 2023: Projects and Funding Sources by Department [PDF]

Capital Improvement Plan Summary 2019 - 2023: Projects by Funding Source [PDF]

September 2018 Budget Workshop

Agenda for September 2018 Budget Workshop

Minutes from September 2018 Budget Workshop

August 2018 
Budget Workshop

Questions? Contact Administrative Business Director Marshall Hallock at marshall.hallock@ci.red-wing.mn.us

June 2018 Budget Workshop

Chat with the Mayor Series: June and July 2018

See the report of our summer gatherings here. More dates to follow in early fall.

We had a great time during our Chat with the Mayor series talking with residents over the course of six events in June and July. Mayor Dowse and staff will be out and about again in September and October. Stay tuned for dates and times. 

Reach out to Mayor Sean Dowse with your thoughts, questions, or concerns at sean.dowse@ci.red-wing.mn.us.

Where does the City get its funding and what does it do with it?

See an Overview of the Budget from Administrative Business Director Marshall Hallock. You can also view the video at right to get a quick and easy primer on how the City prioritizes and budgets its money -- and why you should care.

Guiding Documents Red Wing Considers in the 2019 Budget Process