Additional Services

Missed Garbage

  • Customers who have had their weekly collection missed (meaning it was put out by 6 a.m. and placed in the proper location on your collection day and not picked up by the crew) must notify the Waste Campus at 651-385-3658 by 4 p.m. on their regularly scheduled collection day or by 8 a.m. on the following work day to have the container picked up that week.
  • If your refuse was “missed” because it was not put out on time, not put out on your collection day, or not put out in the proper location, you will be charged a fee for the crew to return and empty your container either the same day or the following day.
  • Failure to notify the department will cause the dwelling to forfeit the one can weekly service for that week.

Extra Volume

  • Extra volume will be picked up by automated truck anytime. However, if the operator gets out of the truck it is a standard charge with the additional amount of garbage not to equal more than another cart. For example - if you have 2 extra bags sitting alongside your can, the driver will empty your can, get out of the truck to put the extra bags in the can, then empty the can again. You will then be charged for 1 extra can of garbage.
  • If a residence continually generates extra volume (three extra volume pick-ups within one billing cycle), they will be required to increase the size of their container. Costs associated with the change of cart will be reflected on your monthly Utility Bill.

Valet Service

  • The City of Red Wing provides a valet service for elderly or handicapped residents that may have a medical issue that inhibits their ability to roll their cart to the curb. Simply call the Waste Campus at 651-385-3658 to request the service.
  • In these cases, the driver will come up to the house to retrieve and empty the cart.
  • Valet Services are provided on Wednesdays.

Sharps (Needles)

The City of Red Wing’s policy for Sharps (needles) disposal is as follows:

  • Residents are to place needles in a puncture-resistant container with a lid or top that can be secured. This container should be either heavy plastic or steel and capped. 
  • Once capped the container should have tape wrapped around the container lid or top to ensure a tight seal and then label the outside of the container clearly to indicate the container’s contents includes “Sharps.”
  • This container should be placed in a waste container and not be placed in or with recyclables set out at the curb or placed in recycling receptacles within the City or County system to ensure these hazardous materials are disposed of properly.