Polling Places

Precinct Boundaries & Polling Places

To find your polling place visit either the poll finder or view the Polling Places Finder on the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

Polling Places

Wards, precincts, and polling places can be viewed on the City of Red Wing Ward and Precinct Map (PDF). Polling places for all wards and precincts are as follows:

  • Ward 1/Precinct 1 
    • Public Works Building
      229 Tyler Road North
      Red Wing, MN 55066
  • Ward 1/Precinct 2
    • Red Wing Fire Department Station 2
      4880 Moundview Drive
      Red Wing, MN 55066
  • Ward 2/Precinct 1
    • Red Wing Public Library
      225 E Avenue
      Red Wing, MN 55066
  • Ward 2/Precinct 2
    • First Covenant Church
      2302 Twin Bluff Road
      Red Wing, MN 55066
  • Ward 3/Precinct 1
    • Holy Family Hall- Church of St. Joseph
      443 W Seventh Street
      Red Wing, MN 55066
  • Ward 3/Precinct 2
    • Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical
      308 Pioneer Road
      Red Wing, MN 55066
  • Ward 4/Precinct 1
    • Jordan Towers II
      440 W Fifth Street
      Red Wing, MN 55066
  • Ward 4/Precinct 2
    • Concordia Lutheran Church
      1805 Bush Street
      Red Wing, MN 55066

Polling Place Practices

If not already registered, registration is allowed on Election Day. Every Minnesota voter uses a paper ballot. There are three choices available to you to mark your ballot.

You may mark the ballot by pen, by use of AutoMARK, or through the use of personal assistance.

  • You can receive additional assistance from election judges or an individual of your choice if you need help. However, that individual cannot be your employer, an agent of your employer, an officer or agent of your union, or a candidate for election.
  • You may ask a poll worker to explain the voting method.
  • Children may accompany a parent into the voting booth.
  • You may carry a sample ballot or list of selected candidates with you.
  • Minnesota law prohibits wearing political buttons or shirts to the polls.

Sample Ballot Posting

Two weeks before the election, a sample ballot will be posted in the City Clerk’s Office at:
City Hall
315 West Fourth Street
Red Wing, MN 55066

A sample ballot will also be posted online and in the local newspaper.