Mill & Overlay Projects

Mill and overlay projects are one type of maintenance project that the City of Red Wing utilizes to cost-effectively maintain the street pavement in our city. We have put together this webpage to answer some of the most-asked questions that we hear about these projects. You can also find maps of our currently-scheduled mill and overlay projects as well as potential future mill and overlay projects.

2019 Mill & Overlay Project

Construction on the 2019 Mill and Overlay project will be occurring May to August 2019. 

Future Mill & Overlay Projects

City staff have discussed potential future Mill and Overlay projects on the following streets in 2020 or beyond. A final list of Mill and Overlay streets for 2020 will not be determined until fall of 2019 and may be different than the listed:

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  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Proposed Future Mill & Overlay Projects

  • West Third Street (Washington Street to Cedar Street)
  • Cedar Street (Main Street to Third Street)
  • Jackson Street (Third Street to Fourth Street)
  • Aspen Avenue (Highway 61 to Nordic Drive)
  • Nordic Drive (Aspen Avenue to Steamboat Drive)
  • Hi Park Avenue (Hennings Avenue to end)
  • Pepin Avenue/Sala Way/Mississippi Avenue
  • Central Avenue (East intersection of Grace Street to Hawthorn Street)
  • Centennial Street
  • Technology Drive