Adopt-a-Drain Program

Adopt a Storm Drain and storm drain with lines of water

When it rains in Red Wing, stormwater runs straight from our streets into the Mississippi River through the city's storm drains. Anything carried in the stormwater, including grass clippings, leaves, pesticides, animal waste, and trash, also ends up in the river. Red Wing residents and businesses can help protect our waterways by adopting storm drains!

Developed by the City of St. Paul, Capitol Region Watershed District, and Hamline University, the Adopt-a-Drain program asks residents to care for a storm drain in their neighborhood in an effort to reduce the amount of harmful debris that makes its way into our rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

How to Adopt a Drain

Visit the Adopt-a-Drain program website.

Taking Care of Your Adopted Drain

  • Spend just fifteen minutes twice a month removing leaves, trash, and other debris from your storm drain.
  • Sort and dispose of cleared debris properly, including:
    • Trash
    • Recyclables (glass and plastic bottles, cans)
    • Yard waste (grass clippings, leaves)
    • Sediment, especially in the spring, will contain chemicals from deicers and should go in the trash
  • Report your work to help the program track its impact.